6 05, 2015

Unit test & FakeItEasy

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So you want unit testing – Good idea. FakeItEasy is an easy but still powerfull way to do unit testing. Below is listed sample code to get started doing unit test with FalkeItEasy. [crayon-5c6cb9c32adba935930837/] Now we just need an implementation of ICalculator (the one we want to test) [crayon-5c6cb9c32adc2289895537/] The implementation of ICalculator takes an [...]

14 04, 2014

Dynamically generating a WCF proxy without using a .config file

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Recently we had to create a WCF proxy with a common datamodel and serviceinterface, which had to be hosted in several applications (SharePoint, custom .Net services, xRm etc.). To avoid messing around with various .config-files, we chose to create the WCF-proxy and configuration in code. And all contained in a single project/DLL. This might come [...]