2101, 2017

Querying Neuron ESB runtime status using REST

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We were building a Dashboard for a larger ESB solution and would like to display some runtime status from Neuron ESB. Which instances were installed, instance status, endpoints etc. This is all information which is quite easy to fetch using Neuron ESB REST API. Default, this is available from the following URL: http://localhost:51002/help/ui/index.html The services should be pretty self-explanatory and you can invoke them [...]

2606, 2016

Using Environment Variables in Neuron ESB

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Neuron has a quite powerful and sometimes overlooked feature to securely store environment specific configurations such as URLs, Access Control lists and other parameters. And since we have experienced several customers that were not aware of this, we thought we would write a quick blog post. Deployment Groups When you initially create a new Neuron Solution, there will be only one Deployment Group named [...]

1002, 2016

Neuron ESB and BizTalk

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We have worked on a large variety of integration projects for the last 15 years using various platforms dating back to BizTalk 2002. And the last 7 years this has pretty much been divided 50/50 between projects based on Microsoft BizTalk and Neuron ESB. Both products have their strengths and weaknesses and we thought it would be a good idea to try and summarize some [...]

605, 2015

Unit test & FakeItEasy

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So you want unit testing – Good idea. FakeItEasy is an easy but still powerfull way to do unit testing. Below is listed sample code to get started doing unit test with FalkeItEasy. [crayon-5c6bbbf2d99b3167081566/] Now we just need an implementation of ICalculator (the one we want to test) [crayon-5c6bbbf2d99b8436011975/] The implementation of ICalculator takes an ILog as parameter to the constructor. We now want [...]

812, 2014

Developing custom Neuron ESB process steps

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There are some great samples on how to develop custom process steps, but not really a guide. And since it is actually quite easy and is something that you often might do, I created this little guide. Icons First off, the most important thing of course is to find a decent icon ;-). If you would like a Neuronish icon, grap the icon collection [...]

3011, 2014

Dualbooting to Windows 10 using a VHD

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If you would like to try out Windows 10, an excellent way is to create a new VHD. This can easily be copied or removed. There are several guides on the net with various way to achive this. But it is actually not that difficult and here is our recipe for creating and booting into a Windows 10 VHD. Prerequistites: The latest Windows 10 ISO, [...]