We were building a Dashboard for a larger ESB solution and would like to display some runtime status from Neuron ESB. Which instances were installed, instance status, endpoints etc.

This is all information which is quite easy to fetch using Neuron ESB REST API. Default, this is available from the following URL:


The services should be pretty self-explanatory and you can invoke them directly via the web interface, but lets take a couple of examples:

In order to get a list of all installed instances and the versions they are using, you use the runtime resource:

GET /neuronesb/api/v1/runtime

Knowing the instance name, we can then query for some more detailed info:

GET /neuronesb/api/v1/runtime/OurInstance1

And also retrieve the current status:

GET /neuronesb/api/v1/runtime/OurInstance1/status

And finally we can also query for a list of all the endpoints and their status and some metrics:

GET /neuronesb/api/v1/endpointhealth/OurInstance1

You can also use this API to start and stop instances, retrieve the entire configuration, retrieve failed messages etc. So it can be useful for monitoring, validating deployment and a number of other scenarios.

For more detailed info, see Neudesics documentation at https://www.neudesic.com/neuron/Help3/Getting_Started/Whats_New/REST_and_WMI_enabled_Endpoint_Health_Monitoring.htm