There are some great samples on how to develop custom process steps, but not really a guide. And since it is actually quite easy and is something that you often might do, I created this little guide.

First off, the most important thing of course is to find a decent icon ;-). If you would like a Neuronish icon, grap the icon collection from FAMFAMFAM. Several might look familiar..

Visual Studio Solution
Create a new .Net 4.0/4.5 Class Library and add the following references:

  • Neuron
  • Neuron.Esb
  • Neuron.Esb.XmlSerializers
  • Neuron.Pipelines
  • Neuron.Pipelines.Design
  • Neuron.Scripting
  • Neuron.UI
  • System.Servicemodel

Create a new resource with the 16×16 icon (in this case I have chosen to add it to Graphics\IconResource.resx).

I prefer to have all the relevant code contained in one file and you can use the following as a template:

This is basically a slightly modified version of one of the samples and I have maintained many of the original comments from the Neuron ESB Sample and hope it is explanatory enough.

I have used more generic names and basically you should only need to change the name, description and icon in ProcessStepUISettings and perform the actual implementation in the OnExecute-method in ProcessStepImplementation. I suggest keeping multiple custom steps in the same assembly. This will make deployment setup etc. easier.

If you need to be able to set some properties from within the Neuron Explorer, these need to be added to both the ProcessImplementation and the wrapper class. I have included the implementation from the sample as comments, so should be pretty straight forward.

Copy the DLL to the Pipelines folder of the Neuron installation (eg. C:\Program Files\Neudesic\Neuron ESB v3\DEFAULT\Pipelines) and modify the NeruonPipeline.config to add the DLL:

Of course this can easily be automated and as part of our automated Neuron Powershell deployment, we build and copy the DLL to the Pipeline-folder.

The next time you open Neuron ESB Explorer you will see your custom steps listed on top. It will not be grouped together with the builtin steps and the custom icon is only used when you add the step to a process.

Neuron Explorer with custom steps

There you go. Let me know if you have any questions.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]