Installing Neuron ESB is very easy. You run setup.exe and click next a couple of times and once installed you create the Neuron SQL-database from the Neuron ESB Explorer. Finally you point it to the folder containing the ESBConfiguration XML files and you are up and running.

But this can also be fully automated and we chose to do so using PowerShell. We have created a framework for this and in a future post I might dive a little deeper, but for now I will simply outline the steps in our install:

Neuron core install

  • Uninstall any existing Neuron instance (if exists)
  • Grant service user access to logon as a service
  • Grant service user local admin rights
  • Reinstall Neuron
  • Create a empty Neuron SQL-database
  • Grant the service user DBO access to the SQL-database
  • Install Neuron ESB database artefacts (using the scripts found in “Neuron ESB v3/Sql”)

Deploying a solution

  • Rename the existing ESB Configuration folder appending date and time (for backup)
  • XCopy XML solution files to the ESB Configuration folder
  • Remove read-only flag in the ESB configuration folder (it is fetched from TFS)
  • Update ESBService.exe app-settings (ESB configuration folder, tracelevel etc.)

Environment patching
We use environment variables for all URLs etc., but in the current test-setup we do not know the server names in advance. Therefore, we have a specific deployment group for test and when we deploy to test environments, we patch Neuron’s environment variable XML (stored in DeploymentGroups/Test.xml).

It might all seem like a lot to do, when you list the nescessary steps like this, but in reality it is not that different to deploying any .Net service using a datbase and some configuration.

Hope this might be of help to someone. Please ask if you have any questions.