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25 10, 2011

Troubleshooting BizTalk throttling

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We had some issues with slow message processing on a BizTalk server due to throttling and I was just about to write a long blog post about this, when I stumbled upon this blog-entry which basically explains it all. This is a great post detailing which performance counters to use and how to determine if [...]

25 10, 2011

BizTalk MsgBoxViewer tool

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This is a great tool to use when you are inspecting a BizTalk Server installation. Simply run it, and it will generate a HTML-report with a detailed summary of the entire setup. Additionaly it will also check for a large number of problems including if nescessary hotfixes have been applied, sql-jobs not running, throttling etc. [...]

12 10, 2011

Determine which ports are not bound to orchestrations

By |2015-01-16T13:26:56+00:00oktober 12th, 2011|BizTalk, Integration|0 Comments

We have multiple versions of our BizTalk applications running simultaneously and when constantly upgrading, you end up with a bunch of receive- and sendports that are no longer used by any orchestrations and should be cleaned up. As a help to determine which ports that are candidates for deletion, you can use the SQL below. [...]